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Craig Seasholes

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Glogster - Craig Seasholes


Glogster’s online posters are a great visual tool for presenting research projects and curating online resources in a highly visual, user-friendly format. Glogster ambassadors will share lessons they’ve learned using glogs with students in a hands-on session with time to create glogs and manage student projects.

Craig Seasholes' experience with Glogster points to myriad ways Glogs can serve a key tool in a librarian's toolbox. I'll share experience and tricks in working with students, teachers and librarians including working with class groups, 


Joining us by web will be Glogster Edu's Managing Director Deena Kelly as we dive in with guided, practical and hands-on BYOD and BYOG Build Your Own Glog workshop with Glogster's many applications uses and tools, including the new real-time collaborative features.


Sign up now for a free trial account and pack your laptop!  

We're going to get good at glogging!


Deena's Presentation: 





Craig's Presentation  
















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